We create unmistakable clothing, characterized by wearability and style details. Officina 51 is the collection dedicated to children characterized by a precise search for fitting and comfort. Born in 2012 from a capsule collection that had the trousers as the main concept, it has developed from this first imprint. The idea was born in September 2012 when the designer Filippo Crosara asked his father, an expert model maker of pants, to create a new and unique model for his nephew. One idea after another, the pants get 51 variations and experiments before reaching its final completion. At this point the fit is perfect. The high quality of the fabrics and the expert finishes are the cornerstones of the collection and in particular of the Officina 51 trousers. The no-logo polo shirts and jackets in gabardine, jersey and sweatshirt complete the collection.


Cool and trendy collection dedicated to little and big boys characterized by a meticulous research of fit and comfort. The high quality of the fabrics and the modern style are the key points of Officina 51, in particular for the trousers that always have a special role in the men's collection and wardrobe. The choice of original models is enriched by always innovative prints on fleece and jackets.


The search for the maximum fit of the trousers is played on the high quality of the fabrics and on the expert finishes.

In this way the garment becomes comfortable and modern, suitable for both important occasions and entertainment.


We don’t need brands or special recognition to distinguish the Officina 51 polo shirts.

The quality of the fabrics, the fantasy of the prints and the chromatic combinations give the t-shirt a unique and unmistakable energy.


The gabardine jackets, jersey and sweatshirt ensure great portability and excellent result in style finishes.

The most important elegant garment leaves children free to move and have fun.

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