Our way to act can make the difference.

At Baby Cross, we want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a great T-shirt. That’s why we aim to be an ethical factory and we cooperate only with suppliers that share our same point of view. We are always looking for the finest materials and we share our choice with you because the cost of every single product depends on that choice and it must not be forgot that its added value consists of those hands which created it.
It’s a new way of doing things and we call it Ethical Approach.

Our way to look at the world


During the years we made our best effort to build a factory that produce our design with care, and to do it, we had to share the very same care to all our employers. Most of our suppliers are located in Italy and we often visit them with a spirit of partnership. By doing this, we managed to build strong personal relationships with them.


At Baby Cross, we go over trends! We want you to wear our clothes for years, and for more than one generation of children. That’s why we always try to find out the finest materials and suppliers. The reuse of our products, worn and reused by younger brothers and sisters, is the first step towards a kind of production which has among its targets the environmental sustenability.


We believe our customers have the right to know that the cost of our clothes is due to a well established chain of production that leads back to the concept of ethic, which not only is refinement of materials but also a social responsible commitment which starts with the relationship among people, the respect of craftmanship up to the achievement of any commercial contribution.

We are focused on QUALITY so that TREND can give YOUR CHILDREN a FELLING of COMFORT with a touch of MAGIC.